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The team at USA #1 Realty & Mortgage is committed to improving communities with our full-service real estate and mortgage services. We help buyers and sellers reach a higher quality of living. We will get you over the finish line while helping change your life for the better. The real estate market is always changing and can sometimes be confusing for the uninitiated. We will gather some resources to help you so contact us to discuss your specific real estate goals and needs.

We work with people who are looking to sell or buy homes.

Get expert advice on buying and selling homes so you’re armed with great house-hunting strategies, real estate tips, and property buying and selling tips.

The real estate professionals at USA #1 Realty and Mortgage have personal relationships with their hometowns and surrounding communities. We take pride in what is happening with municipal governments, neighborhoods, local schools, and nearby businesses. We approach every opportunity with the following four pillars: Real Estate, People, Community, and Lifestyle. Our founder understands that in order to be successful in real estate we need to go beyond simply listing a home. It is this approach that places us in a unique position to help build better communities. 



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We can change our lives. We can do, have, and live exactly where we wish. We often limit ourselves by deciding we can’t do something before we even try. When we do that, we’ve stopped our growth and our path to opportunities to own a beautiful home across a community that we truly love.

Well, the good news is that USA #1 Realty and Mortgage can help you overcome the story that limits you from living where you want and deserve to live. With a plethora of active real estate agents across Michigan, we understand that you have your pick at finding the right agent to complement your personality and one who will help you get exactly what you need from your next (or first) home.

Our founder Louis Bitto recognizes the value of having access to a network that provides our clients incredible value in their home buying or selling pursuits.